Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two Weeks in Pictures

So, there are actually quite a few eventful things that have happened in our lives in the past 2 weeks since I've blogged, so I don't know what my problem is. Like, having too much to talk about?

Kinda. I do find myself thinking, "Man, I'm so busy now. There's not way I'll ever catch up on my blog."

But I know you miss me (You do, right?). So here's me playing catch up in pictures!

A delicious dinner Kam and I made. I told Kam to make a face like he liked it. I brought the left overs to work and all the guys got jealous of my lunch.

FHE - Two strikes in a row! That'll probably never happen again. I actually thought for a minute that I'd beat Kam that game.

Fixed a cracked picture frame with black puffy paint. Who knew? (Can you see it?)

And finally figured out how to hang all 3 of my pictures in an arrangement I liked. (It took a lot of I'll-hold-it-while-you-stand-over-there-and-tell-me-how-it-looks-now-you-hold-it-and-I'll-look-at-it-and-I-still-don't-know-what-do-you-think-ing to get that arrangement. It's art people!)

Kam took me to the tulip festival which he admitted was more fun than he was expecting. We got stroopwafels and I got to climb through a cave (it was technically for little kids, but I thought a little girl had gotten stuck in there, so I went in to help her out. She wasn't stuck. But I almost was.)  and we saw every color of tulips ever. Like brown, and green. Who would have thought? Except black. We didn't see any black tulips until we got to Buffalo Wild Wings afterwards (I told Kam that if he took my to the tulip festival we could go to B Dubs afterwards, because the nearest one to us is already all the way up there anyway. So it was like a win-win-win situation (But I got the double win, so I won more).). I guess they liked having black and yellow tulips to match their brand. I've been pointing out every color of tulips ever since, no matter where we see them.

And *drum roll please* we finally hung curtains! Without breaking any silly Wymount nailing rules, thank you very much. Although, they're still a work in progress. I thought more sheer panels on the inside would look cute, but I didn't anticipate exactly what sheer means. As you can see, we still need to close the blinds in order to block the light out, and at night if we don't want anyone stalking us (which we don't). So we're considering trading those panels out for some different ones. Kam and I would also like them to be shorter, so I'll have to hem them (people don't make curtains the size of these windows, you guys), which could take a little while. I have a sewing machine, but it took me until just a couple days ago to sew up the hole in Kam's sweater that he found when we were engaged... And it's a little late for him to wear it, too.

So there will be an update on those curtains as we get them a little bit more how we like, but I will let you in on a few secrets to how we did it. Because curtains just make Wymount look so much more homey and less like it was made in minecraft.

1) Ross is the place to find affordable materials for this project. We probably wouldn't have been able to afford hanging curtains otherwise. It's also the reason it's taken so long to do this, though. Ross has a very limited selection, so we've been checking back a few times every month or so and then snatching up things we like.

2) 120" curtain rods are actually a little longer than 120 inches. They're made for 120" windows (like this one), so don't bother looking for a 144" curtain rod. They're out there, but they're dang expensive, and you can't get them at Ross. Maybe that's obvious to most of you, but I didn't know, so we took our chances and found out.

3) Most curtain rods come with hardware to hang the curtain rod on. They look like little hooks, and they always have a flat side that goes against the wall. Stick these to the wall with large command strips. They can hold up to 5 lbs (on each strip, I'm assuming) if you use the whole strip. We trimmed ours down just a little to fit our hardware better. We also ended up hanging the middle hook from the ceiling because there was no wall above the window to stick it to. Totally worked.

So there you have it. My tips and tricks so far. We originally thought velcro command hooks would be better because they say they hold up to 16 lbs, but don't bother. Totally doesn't work. They are good for hanging pictures, though (which is what they say they're for on the box. Huh...).

The new job is going well (I'm starting to do real grown up stuff!), school's almost done for me, and already done for Kam (which I can tell he's loving) and he'll be applying for the ISYS program soon. Ta ta for now!