Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Give Up...

For some reason, I had this crazy idea that I was going to clean and decorate my whole house, and then take pictures to post on my blog about how cute our house looks with us in it. The pictures I posted before we bought the house were adorable. They are a lot to live up to. So, I give up. I'll probably never manage to get all the rooms in my house clean at the same time and still be sane enough afterwards to want to go around photographing everything, and then write a blog post. But! I can give a sneak peek at my living room! It's still a work in progress, but I am happy with it.

View from the office

The front door.

Our coat rack is getting a lot of love this week.

A lot of things I like that I can't decide how to arrange.

The third color our "J" has tried on.

This is our boot tray. I love our boot tray. But it's been sitting outside for the past few weeks because I couldn't trust Jemma not to eat the rocks. But it's just started snowing and that's exactly what the boot tray is for.  So, today I finally came up with a solution. I cleaned off all of the rocks in a colander, and then rinsed them with vinegar. Jemma hates vinegar. I actually just saw Jemma growling and rolling around on the floor and realized it was because her toy landed on the boot tray and she had tried to grab it. I had to pull it out for her because she wouldn't go near it.

These! These are the first sign Christmas is coming. Cinnamon scented pinecones! I love 'em.

And this is the adorable reason our house can't all be clean at the same time.

Google is being glitchy, so more later!