Sunday, June 16, 2013


We've reached the hump for our first year! Whenever people ask me how long I've been married, I like to tell them and then say, "I hear if you've made it that long without killing each other, you're probably doing pretty good." I've actually never heard anyone say that but myself, but it's got to be true, right? Cause not killing people is always a pretty good thing. So, yay for not killing each other!

But seriously, being married to Kam for 182 days, is kind of a long time. We plan on going a whole lot longer, though. :) But really, I have not ever hung out with anyone as consistently and frequently as Kam ever. In my life! It's kind of weird to start to be getting used to living with a person (and only one person. Who's a man.). I realized today just how much time we actually spend together and it's a dang good thing we love each other, and not all that surprising really that we haven't always exactly gotten along. So after a long day of play, Kam and I were winding down and listening to some music Kam showed me shortly after we met. And I started thinking back on all of the things we've done together in the past 6 months and the almost year before that we've been together. It was like one of those montages they show in the movies, or when a sitcom is ending for good, only not nearly as vivid and (I might be biased, but hopefully) not as cheesy. Not all of the memories were happy, but the mad ones just seemed silly by now, and the sad ones seemed sweet by now. Because, obviously, not even those hard times prevented us from reaching "married for 6 months." And I wouldn't count on anything breaking a 50 year streak either. And I thought, Man! I wish I really did just have a video of clips of our lives like that. Then I realized just how many pictures Kam has on his phone that I've forgotten about/neglected to share with you! So here is a quick view of the highlights of our lives since "we" started.

Our first picture together. (Breaking the "hand barrier.")
One of the first dinners we cooked together.
Seeing Wicked when Kam flew out to Denver to meet my parents.
Flying back to Provo on a tiny plane.
Boondocks for our 6 monthiversary of dating (You can tell I like excuses to celebrate, huh?)

At the planetarium on our "staycation" (I thought we were making silly faces).

More staycation adventures. We kind of always love toy stores.

Sometimes FHE is a Broncos game.
And sometimes it's zip-lining.
(Kam is always so brave that I forget he doesn't like heights all that much and beg him to take me to stuff like this.)
Registering for all of the stuff you need when you're married is fun!
(Uh, actually, I thought it was just a teensy bit terrifying at first. Hence, Kam basically chose all the colors for our house. And thank goodness, too. He did a good job.)
Halloween. We went as a super nerdy couple.
Visiting the Salt Lake Temple to see the lights. Just weeks before our wedding there.
On our honeymoon. I really like Hugh Jackman. But this was Kam's idea.

Riding segways outside the Queen Mary. We actually thought the ship was kind of really boring. But segways are fun!
The Star Wars ride at Disneyland. (What's that one called?)
Driving along the shore line in California. in a convertible Mustang! We had the top down just before this. It got stuck rolled back but sticking straight up like in the movies. It was pretty scary. But after all that, the view was beautiful. Don't you think? ;)
San Diego temple. The site at the end of our long drive.
Officially moving in together.
More Broncos. Matchy matchy. Watching the finals.
Tulip Festival. In front of an Italian fountain.
First camping trip together. One night sleeping on the ground was plenty.
And finally, shooting for our 6 monthiversary today.

It's pretty amazing to me to look back on all the adventures we've had, and I feel like the best ones never even got caught on camera. But it is nice to look back at all that's come out of that fateful first date. And I'm looking forward to many more months and years of adventure.

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  1. Oh I love this post so much! You are really good at documenting pivotal points. That's so great! I love love love your yellow striped shirt! Happy anniversary! You guys are a great example of having fun in your marriage :)