Sunday, June 2, 2013

Play with Chloe

As it's been like, a month since my last real blog post, I feel like I should have some funny stories to catch everyone up on, but I was seriously drawing a blank until after Nursery today. So, yay for nursery!

Nursery has been a little more of a handful than it used to be for us. When school ended, two out of three of our nursery kids moved away, which I was really sad about. And I was worried we'd have a really tiny class for the summer. I was so wrong. We have 5 kids now, and we'll soon be getting a 6th. So that's 4 (soon 5) kids who are all under the age of two, that we haven't bonded too much with yet. Luckily, we got a new couple to help us (our old team teachers had moved away at the end of the school year, too) just in time. After nursery today I lay down for a little while and realized how sore my arm was just from holding and rocking little kids for 2 hours. It then crossed my mind that I have to go back to work tomorrow, and I realized even though nursery is so exhausting, it is a lot more rewarding than sitting at my computer at work, and I would much rather be chasing kids around. That said, I only have to handle nursery for 2 hours a week, and I have to work at least 16 hours a week, so that could be a contributing factor...

The one little girl who used to be in our class is the one who stayed after the school year ended. She's almost two now, and the oldest out of everyone in our class. She can speak in whole sentences, which makes her one of the easiest kids to take care of. Plus, she knows both Kam and I really well. We're good friends with her family. And, she just became a big sister! Which I'm sure is exciting (and all other kinds of feelings) for her. Kam and I adore this little girl. Frankly, it's hard not to play favorites when she's the only one of the kids you know very well, and you loved her so much already.

The other kids are all super fun. And it's exciting to get to know them better and figure out what they like, and what their mannerisms are. One little boy sat on my lap and cuddled into me and handed me some books to read. That just makes my heart melt. There's something about reading books to boys. I also had to fish a goldfish cracker out of a tape player today, which was surprisingly amusing. Especially when the little girl who put it in there understood when I ask her to pull it back out because her hands can fit and yours can't. Kam even took a video on his phone of one of our boys showing off his killer dance moves, which involved kicking his legs as high as he could and twisting his whole body.

(It was funny to hear my voice talking to all the kids in that video Kam took. At the time I felt a little bit frazzled trying to clean up goldfish and play dough before they got stepped on while chasing two kids around the table and trying to make sure a third didn't get run over. But then I heard my voice on that video saying, "So-and-so, do you want to come over here and dance. Oh, be careful, don't fall over." And it makes me think: Man, how could we possibly have been so serious about doing this. Ha ha.)

But there's a special place in my heart for this first little girl we had in our class. I was trying to take care of another one of our kids for the first half of class, and while I was holding her and trying to find a toy she was interested in, this first little girl ran up and hugged me around my leg. I said hi to her and thanked her for the hug, but I couldn't really do much more than that with my arms full. A little while later I did get to play with her how I'd wanted, and we played a little tag, and danced, and talked about her pretty dress. Then, as class was ending, I told her to get her shoes and she sat in my lap as I put them on, and then her dad picked her up and she waved good-bye to us, and that was all pretty typical. It was after she left that her mom came up to us and thanked us for our help and told us, "Every Sunday as we're walking to church, [my daughter] says, 'Go to church, play with Chloe?'" It probably took me a few minutes to realize I was like, glowing because of that comment. I probably looked pretty silly, just standing there with my face like, "Really?" It really made me smile. As we were walking home, though, I got to hear it for myself. This little girl was walking just a few steps behind us, talking to her mom. She was just babbling, one three word sentence after another, all of which her mom understood and replied to. Then I heard her say, "Play with Chloe?" and when I turned around she was pointing at me. And her mom said, "Yeah, you got to play with Chloe at church today. Say bye to Chloe." And so she pouted a little bit, but waved and said, "Bye, Chloe" perfectly. I waved and said bye to her and turned back around, and then I heard her babbling to her mom some more--it sounded like she was still talking about how she wanted to keep playing. Her mom changed the subject a little and asked who else was at nursery and what she did there. But part of me was thinking, "Oh, just let her come over and play! I don't mind! Play with Chloe!" But the other part of me was like, "I don't want to get involved... And also, I want a nap." And that part won. But as soon as we got home Kam mimicked her, "Play with Chloe?" Man. That made my day.

I love this calling. Having the opportunity to play with other people's kids (and eventually give them back) is a huge blessing. Not only is it fun, but it's impressive what you can learn from such humble spirits. They are so eager and willing to learn and love. It makes me think there are some things we should really learn not to grow out of.

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  1. This really makes me happy. You have NO idea how much you mean to those little kiddos. It's so lucky that they take to you well. Logan is absolutely terrified of our nursery leaders so we can't take him anymore :( You are doing a great job. As a parent I can't tell you how much we appreciate you taking good care of our kids. You're a natural! Maybe you should have some soon ;) Just kidding! :))