Sunday, November 25, 2012


Kam indulged me this weekend, and he and I went to the lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake! I really wanted a chance to go enjoy the lights just the two of us before our big day, and this was the best time to fit it in before school picks up again. The only problem was that we had to go on opening night, so it was PACKED. Which wasn't ideal for the sentimental stroll I had imagined, but it was still a good time.

It was crazy to walk with the love of my life (surrounded by a million strangers) around the temple I knew we'd be sealed in in just three weeks! It still doesn't quite seem real. Probably just because it all seems so simple, and part of me thinks, shouldn't I feel like this is crazy? Like, "AHHHH! I'm getting married?!!" (Which, ok. Sometimes, I do.) But that night, and in general, things just feel right, and like they make sense. And it's just pretty awesome.

There was one thing about it though that didn't quite go according to plan. We were a little pressed for time, so we planned to grab some drive thru just before we got on the next trax. When we pulled through chick-fil-a they offered us a free shake, and we were so excited! (Or at least I was.) But of course, as I put my sandwich together, the shake I was holding between my legs exploded all over me! So, I hurried and grabbed yesterday's jeans out of my backpack and changed in the back of the car. Then I put my sandwich together, and that dripped all over my new pair of pants! By that time, we were running late for the trax, so we just gathered all our stuff together and ran for it. Kam ran to the ticket booth and I ran to the doors to see if I could stall (which has become a bit of a standard for us. I have a gift for stalling since I'm cute). But no luck. The trax took off before I could even make it to the door. So when I walked back to the ticket booth to meet Kam, I noticed our fries and shake sitting at the top of the trash can. Which made sense, since we weren't going to have time to eat them, but now we had another 20 minutes before the next train, and they sounded so good! I was even tempted to pull them out of the trash can! But I didn't; don't worry. In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't pull that devil shake back out. It'd probably only give me more trouble.

But we made it to Salt Lake just fine and had just enough time to see the lights without our toes freezing off. We even had time to go to my favorite hot chocolate place, and didn't even have to wait in line! And Kam ran into an old friend whose address we had lost, so we were still able to give her family an invitation to the wedding! Definitely a successful trip, despite my clumsiness.

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Speaking of successes, Kam and I made a pumpkin pie! Actually, two! For Thanksgiving. And they were definitely a hit. Much thanks to my beautiful and talented roommate, Tianna, and her mom who decided I couldn't get married until she taught me how to make a pie. I now know why. It makes an impressive contribution to Thanksgiving with the in-laws!

This isn't a picture of our pie, but it sure looks nice, doesn't it? I didn't take a picture of ours, because I knew Kam would tease me about instagramming my food. And really, I don't know why you'd want to see a picture of ours. It just looked like a normal pumpkin pie. So if you want to be impressed, here's an impressive picture of a pie we didn't make. :)

But it did taste impressive! At least, I thought so, and everyone acted like it did. We had a couple people waiting in the kitchen for more, so if they were just trying to make me feel good about myself, they did a dang good job.

Well, that is one sufficiently long blog post! I hope everyone had as successful of a Thanksgiving as we did. :)

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