Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Can Live!!!

So this may sound like a very boring blog post to you, but it's super exciting to me. Because that box you see coming up a little later on in this post is actually a picture of what it looks like to not be living in a box all winter!

That's right. We have an apartment. And although it is in Wymount, I'm pretty convinced it's perfect. Despite the cinder block walls.

Just a few of the many wonders of a Wymount apartment:
  • Cozy (read "small")
  • Affordable (read "ok that it's small")
  • Close to campus
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Beautifully kept grounds
  • Very clean
  • Becomes available on the very day we can move in!
  • Month to month contract
  • Nice balconies
  • Furniture rental
  • On the ground floor
  • Gas stoves
  • BYU employed maintenance (I've had relatively good experiences with them)
And... Yeah. That's pretty good. (For Kam's benefit: "It's actually a really good little house.")

One of the most curious benefits of this apartment is the storage room attached to the bedroom. I guess that's really all it was made for, because I don't know how else they would have justified that space.

I feel like it's a little creepy to post a full floor map on here.
Not sure why. You could always just look it up on the
Wymount website if you're really curious.

I mean, storage space is great. And probably necessary. But when there are already two and a half other closets in your one bedroom apartment, you tend to get a little more creative with the "storage space."

So, just picture us. Mapping out our little floor plan and imagining in our furniture. And we're having a pretty good time. It's an exciting thing to have a tiny little house! I mean, of course I wanted everything to look all nice and follow all those unwritten rules of decorating (...as far as I know, which is very little!), and Kam is being all practical about where outlets are, and how many feet across is the counter top, and getting in the way of all my imagination!

Which is probably pretty good. Since this apartment is real and not imaginary. But it feels pretty imaginary right now.

So yeah. Despite my tendencies to overimagine (I made that word up), we were having a good time.

But when it came to the storage space, we both got pretty imaginative! "Four feet by nine feet! That's huge!" Ok. We never said that. But we did toss around the idea of an office. Actually, this is kind of what the conversation sounded like.

Kam: Hmm, we could use that for something.
Chloe: Yeah, like an office.
Kam: Or a man cave.
Chloe: That's like the same thing.
Kam: No, it's not.

I decided not to say anything after that. If those are not the same thing, I'm slightly concerned about what the difference is. Anyway, I think someone knocked on the door and distracted us then. Which is ok, because we agreed on where to put the TV and the couch, and that's a lot of work when you're playing house with real... imaginary... pieces.

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