Friday, December 14, 2012

My Man

I am so incredibly blessed to be marrying such a wonderful man (in less than 2 days!) So many little things today have reminded me of how incredible he is. And oh, how I love to brag about him. So here is my very short (it's too late to write a long list tonight, although I'd love to) list of things I love about my Kam.

  1. He likes to be a gentleman and open the door for me in the car (even though our new car has keyless entry! Ah! New car!).
  2. He likes to make me laugh.
  3. He leads with the power of the Priesthood.
  4. He thinks I'm cute when I make weird noises.
  5. He's willing to make changes for me, like changing his habits on Sundays so we can spend more time together enjoying the Sabbath.
  6. He remembers little things about me, like that I'm afraid of post offices.
  7. He's very patient when he knows I need help, and even puts up with my pride.
  8. He happily respects my requests without complaining or questioning (like driving me to Walgreen's at 8 am in morning).
  9. He challenges me to become a better person with love, and without putting me down.
  10. He's proud to call me his wife (even though I'm technically not yet).
And for now, ten is a good enough small number, because I must go to bed.

I hope no one minds all my bragging. I mean, of course you really should be jealous. But maybe I shouldn't be rubbing it in so much... ;)

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