Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Chronicles of Matridom Part 1

I just announced to Kam, "I think I need to blog something since so many people have been checking our blog and have been disappointed." Which he seemed skeptical about, so I insisted, "They need us, Kam! They neeeed us!"

(Maybe you don't really need us. Fine. We don't need you, either.)

So, I'm proud to announce, we're back from the dead! (Only barely, but enough that Kam gets to play X-box again, and I get to blog again, and we're both pretty happy with that.)

But to describe our unexpected journey (Ok, not so unexpected.) I think I'm going to have to fill you all in through a series of installments which I've decided to call The Chronicles of Matridom (Martidom... Get it? ... It's like matrimony plus martyrdom... Because we died... Just nod... You get it.).

The Chronicles of Matridom
     Part 1 - Honeymoon  Highlights (Rated PG)

  • Me getting sick on Day 2 of the honeymoon and having to stay in bed all day and have my wonderful husband take care of me.
We went to this cool restaurant called the Crooked Duck. It was delicious, but I blame it for me getting sick.
Our sick pad (Oh. Ha ha. No pun intended.)
with a kitchen!
  • Watching the Hobbit - Me, raving about how long it was and they didn't even get to the end: "Maybe if they made a condensed version of the Hobbit, like a picture book..." Kam starts laughing. Me: "Well, are you going to kiss me or laugh at me?"
  • Being given a flower from a knight at Medieval Times. Apparently all the little girls had already gotten one (I hope) and Kam was practically flagging the knight down.
At Medieval Times.
This isn't a knight, but he's pretty cool looking, and it's the best picture we got of the performance.
  • Riding Segways around the pier in Long Beach - Me: "This is right up my alley. You get to look at stuff, and you don't have to sit still."
Just a little bit of the beautiful view at the pier. We got to see a bunch of wild cats just sitting on the rocks like they owned the place!
We were really good at riding these.
  • Seeing some beautiful ice sculptures in a 12 degree dome.
It was really cold!
Kam really wanted to get back to the rest of warm California.
But I couldn't leave until I got a picture with this penguin. I swear, it's really a penguin.
  • Going to Bubba Gump and eating some amazing shrimp (and listening to Kam's Forrest Gump references that I didn't get...)

  • Explaining to Kam that I calculated how much gas we would need - Kam: "I love it when you comfort me with logic."
  • Disneyland!
    • A really nice guy helped us find the newly wed couple mouse ears, and asked us if we wanted them embroidered with our names or anything. When we asked how much it would cost he said, "Uh... We could do it for free for you guys," to which, of course we had to accept! So it took 20 minutes for them to be emroidered, and when Kam went to pick them up later, they didn't charge him for the ears, either! He meant the whole dealio would be free, not just the embroidering. So now we have a free set of super awesome mouse ears with our names and wedding date on each of them. And I can already hear our future children saying, "Mom, I want to go to Disneyland! You and Dad got to go!" Well played, Disneyland. Well played.

Our awesome mouse ears (Kam's other shirt tail is tucked under his hat and my veil is up so you can see the words)
    • While waiting in line for the teacups - Me: "I'm like a little girl in here." Kam: "Yeah, and I'm like a little boy." Me, mocking a boy's voice: "'This is girly and dumb.' A little boy like that?"

    • Kam: "Do you want to meet the princesses, Chloe?" I just stared blankly at him for a minute or something. He laughs, "You're like, 'Uh, yeah, I do.'"
I waited in line 45 minutes to see Rapunzel! But then Flynn seemed more excited about our wedding than she did! He was the one that insisted that Kam get in the picture.
    • Talking about cute kids on our bus - Me: "Yeah, I saw the lady next to her holding a baby and I thought, I want one of those. Actually, it just looks warm, and I'm cold."

On the Matterhorn
  • Driving down the coastline past all the ritzy beaches.
Our ride
    • Getting used to married life -
      • Kam: "Chloe, you made a mess in the shower. Only you could mess up a clean place." Me: "How do you know it was me that got conditioner on the wall?" Kam: "Because your hair whips around, and you're the messy one." Me: "Yeah, you're right..."
    This actually happened at Disneyland. But it's pretty good evidence that I am the messy one.
      • Kam: "Why don't you just cook it like we normally do?" Me: "It says 'Thawing not necessary.'" Kam: "Alright. Good luck burning that chicken."
      • Kam: "I don't know how you did it, but you made mac and cheese difficult. Just say, 'I'm cute.'"
      • Kam whistling the Lord of the Rings theme song over and over in the bathroom.
      • Kam replacing the word "butt" with lyrics of songs on the radio.
      • What Kam says I'm thinking when I giggle: "Oh, fun! We're laughing! What are we laughing about?"
      • Kam: "Girl, you look good." Me (in sweats and a t-shirt) "Really? That doesn't sound very convincing." Kam: "Well, I wanted to say gorgeous and beautiful and lovely all at the same time, so I just said... good..."


    1. Chloe, You are so cute! I just love reading your blogs! =]

    2. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVED this! I was just laughing the whole time! I am so excited to read all about your new life :) Love you!!