Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Subliminal Messaging

So, pretty early on in my relationship with Kam I learned that he has a very sneaky method of getting his point across. On the day that we "officially" decided to start dating, we were walking back to our apartment complex together (from the gas station where we'd gone to get quarters to do laundry. Romantic, eh?), and out of nowhere a song started to play in my head. And I thought, where did that come from? I haven't heard that song in a long time... right?

Side story: In middle school I recorded the school news every morning with some friends. After the news one day, we were all talking and I suddenly had the urge to sing the theme song for Felix the Cat. I figured someone else must have been singing it before me, and that's how it got stuck in my head. So I demanded to know who it was. We later found out we had forgotten to stop recording for the news, so we got to rewind the tape and see who had started singing Felix the Cat. It was me. Out of the blue. So naturally, remembering this experience, I'm a little wary to say anything.

So I say, "Kam, were you just whistling something?"

And he says, "Maybe. Why?"

(I should already be suspicious at this point, right?)

"Because I have a song stuck in my head."

"What song?"

"A Beatles song..."

"Which one?"

"... 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand.'"

So he did.

The little sneak! (Truth be told, I had caught him trying this a few days before, but I was too shy to say anything about it the first time.)

So, I had pretty much forgotten about this experience until this morning, when I barely rolled out of bed and put Kam's pajama pants on to drive him to work because I was tired and I had a sore throat and I couldn't breath out of one side of my face, and my loving husband likes to take my blankets off and fan me with them when I don't get up in the morning (which makes me grumpy, but it makes him laugh, which makes me a little less grumpy). So I wasn't in the best mood ever. But as I drove back from dropping him off I caught myself humming, "Beautiful day of peace and rest, bright be thy dawn from east to west. Hail to thine earliest welcome ray. Beautiful, bright, millennial day!"

The little sneak!

In the mood of the day, I'll leave you with this little rhyme. It's one of our favorites.

I wish I were a glow worm poem...haha! This is me to a tee!

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