Sunday, February 10, 2013

...Walk into a Bar

"You can write about my dream on your blog if you want to." That's what Kam just said. So I am. But I wasn't really there, so I'll tell my version of it.

So, at around 5 pm, I turned over in bed and screamed because Kam was hugging me to wake me up from a nap and I didn't know what was going on. Then he laughed and said, "It's Monday morning! You slept all through yesterday!"

Luckily I was a little quicker than to believe that.

But he told me that he had just had a long dream and when he woke up he sat up straight worried about what time it was, because he was convinced it was Monday morning. A little bit later he told me he had eaten twice in his dream, so he must have been hungry. (It is fast Sunday. I know I was hungry. That's why you nap on fast Sunday, right?) So I asked, "Oh, was it like a dream about what you did for the rest of the day?" Because I thought, if he ate twice, that's like 2 meals, and then he thought it was the next day. That would make sense to me.

But he said, "No, it was like an end of the world dream. It had Godzilla in it. ... And Will Smith."

I laughed, "Was Will Smith trying to take down Godzilla? Because that sounds like something he would do."

Kam said, "He was working on it. ... And the Pope was there, too."

"So, Godzilla, Will Smith, and the Pope walk into a bar..."

"And then Kam wakes up."

I think he topped my dream weirdness scale this week.

To top all that off, I had just watched this super bowl ad. So this is the background I was picturing in Kam's dream. Enjoy!

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  1. That's cute! Did he have that back ground music as well? Dreams are funny aren't they. Our minds take us weird places in so many different directions at once. My dreams are of that caliber sometimes, poor guy! What's he worried about, wink.