Friday, April 12, 2013

Beautiful Messages

LDS General Conference was... last weekend? I love conference. It's like a whole weekend of inspirational messages, and then I have new material to listen to while I do the dishes and get ready in the morning for the next 6 months!

Some of my favorites:

Kam showed me this one during Family Home Evening this week. It was a Priesthood talk, so I didn't listen to it until he showed it to me, but I highly recommend it! Especially to anyone who tends to beat themselves up about things (which, isn't that like, all of us?).

Four Titles

This one is great for anyone who's dealing with doubt or fear. I'm sure this speaks to so many people in different ways, but for me a lot of it was about dealing with anxiety and self-defeating thoughts.

"Lord, I Believe"

And this one is great for any of you who may just be curious about what the Mormon church believes in. I don't think I could have explained it as beautifully as Elder Oaks does.

Followers of Christ

There were so many more I loved as well, but these spoke the most to me. To those of you who watched/read, which were your favorites this go round?

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