Wednesday, April 3, 2013


So, the warm weather and Easter season have had a little bit of an effect on my mood. I've developed a new hobby, and a new resolution.


BAM! Aren't they cuuute? :)

So, I'm not exactly sure why I haven't gotten into gardening before. I love flowers, and I like mud and dirt, and that's pretty much it right?

Ok, that was a lie. I know exactly why I don't like gardening. Worms. They are the most grossest thing that ever crawled across the face of the earth. Literally. I hate them so much, I just can't deal with it. I hate how they wiggle, and how they look all segmented, and how pink and fleshy they are, and how if you cut them in half you just have TWO extra wiggly tiny worms!

I have nightmares about worms on a semi-regular basis.

But, the good new is, potted plants require no worms. Yay for not having a yard!

So I now have two pots of pansies (a little one in the house, and a slightly larger one on the balcony (I have a serious issue with spatial reasoning. The smaller pot was originally supposed to fit all 8 pansy plants in it!)), and I have a tiny pot of forget me not seeds that will hopefully grow. We'll see I guess.

Kam gets me flowers for special occasions and things, and I love it. But they all eventually die, and I always feel sad about throwing them away, so they kind of just sit there in the vase dead for a little while until I'm eventually like, "What the crap?! These plants are dead!" And then I have to throw them away because they're grossing me out. Yeah, that was a weird explanation.

So hopefully this rectifies that problem (if I can manage to keep the pansies alive. I think they're supposed to be easier plants).

In other news, I have a buttload of Easter candy, people! My mom sent Kam and me a lovely Easter package that had Easter grass in it and eggs full of candy, and bunnies like a real Easter basket! But Easter this year came fairly soon after Pi Day (Did you know Village Inn will give you a new pie if you don't like the first one you buy? True story). And even if it hadn't, I eat ice cream like it has its own food group, and make cookies most Sundays, and the girl scouts just came by... So our house was already overflowing with non-holiday related sweets (Besides Pi Day, of course). So when, I got that basket I carefully ate as many of the jelly beans as I could find, saved the Easter bunnies, and took the rest of the candy to Kam's mom's house to share. I hid all the eggs for Savannah and Brendan, but Kam's mom gave us each another delicious Easter basket.

Which I've eaten all the jelly beans out of, and I'm working on Kam's basket now. But all of this sugar has finally started to throw me overboard (which takes a lot). I've always been kind of a sugar shark, especially in the colder months when fruits aren't in season and everybody's making cookies, and warm sweets just seem like such a fantastic pick me up after you've been trudging around in the snow. But now that it's warming up, I have less of an excuse, and less of an appetite for sweets. I mean, I just bought a whole pound of strawberries for like, $1.20 or something ridiculous like that. Awesome.

So I happened upon this list of tips for getting over sugar cravings. And I definitely noticed a few that would help me be healthier in general. Like drinking water when you're craving something sweet. So often I just eat ice cream because I'm really thirsty but I don't like to drink water. (I've also heard some good advice from my friend, Brenna, who said that if water doesn't taste good to you, you may need to eat something with just a little bit of salt to make it more appealing.) I also notice that I definitely comfort eat, and eat when I'm tired and need an energy boost. So I'm going to try to find some healthier alternatives for those moments. Finally, I thought stocking up on protein might be a good idea, especially because my dance class has been kicking my butt recently, so I bought a few cups of greek yogurt that were on sale, and we'll see how I like those for breakfast this week.

With that said, I can't just throw all of that Easter candy away, now can I? I told Kam, "As soon as this Easter candy is gone, I want to start eating less junk food." I don't think he believes me. So, I'm not sure if that means I should eat it super fast and get rid of it, or just eat it really slowly and let it sit until it's less appealing...

I think I hear a chocolate mint patty calling my name.

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