Friday, April 12, 2013

Random Buziness

I haven't been as motivated to blog recently, because I've been really busy, and that seems noteworthy. But at the same time, I don't feel like I have a whole lot to say about anything. (You can tell I've been just a little overwhelmed around here. I let crumbs just sit on the kitchen table for days--it must have been that long since I haven't cooked since Wednesday--which I never do, because it bugs me too much to have things dirty. And on Wednesday evening, I just lay on the couch and watched the 5th season finale of Psych ALONE. Which I never do. I never ever watch tv alone. Which shows how stressed out I was. And I didn't clean anything. Which I'm usually just looking for time to do, because I like of like it.) But it's mostly a good overwhelmed. A lot of exciting stuff is keeping me busy.

First, this semester is almost over! Which means I'm almost done with all my classes until my new classes start! Which means I'm almost done with school, period! Which means I have a tooonnnn of work to do in the next few days.

Second, I started my new job on Thursday! (Poor timing on my part.) And it has been way fun, but it takes up a lot of my time. It takes about an hour just to commute each way. But I took the train today, which has wifi, so I got a little time to do homework, and then got a little bike ride through the suburbs of Murray from the train station to my building. So that was a nice bonus.

My new job is like, the crazy coolest job ever. I get to work with data and make graphs and figure out why things change, and I get paid for it (I like it, ok?). Plus, on my first day I came in and they said, "We're having a webinar in seven minutes! Let me introduce you to everyone and then you can come upstairs and sit in on that." So that's what we did. And everyone was very friendly, and then a dog walked into the conference room, and everyone got distracted for a minute and petted it.

That wasn't the last surprise. My coworker showed me where our fully stocked kitchen is and explained to me that all the Costco sized containers of food were for us including a lifetime supply of pop-tarts. Today I got hit in the back of the head with a nerf dart. One of the higher ups in the office commended me for coming to work in more appropriate attire today (a t-shirt and jeans). A group of people in the office rallied together an ultimate frisbee team at about 3:30, and there was much rejoicing (by that I mean shouting across the office). So yeah. That's pretty much where I work.

I'm also the only girl on my floor, which means I get special treatment. Not really, but the coworker that shares my desk with me put my chair together for me on my first day, which is apparently usually part of their initiation process here. And I overheard someone saying I was getting a little extra love from the IT department, too. The CEO told me I'd be the princess of the 3rd floor when he hired me, and I guess that's what's happening. Except for the getting hit with nerf darts thing. And I'm pretty sure I'll be forced to learn how to play ultimate frisbee at some point, too. It's part of the job description.

But I work there, too. I'm just starting to get familiar with the software, and apparently they need someone with a little javascript programming background to look at something for them, and fortunately, I have just that. Next week I start updating some decks for my boss's client, and I guess we'll see where it goes from there.

I guess those are the only two things. They're kind of big things. Kam's busy, too. Finals, about to apply for the Information Systems program at the Marriott School. It's a big deal. He just got a 93% on his finance test! Which is way cool. Finance is tough (I always thought so, anyway). So, yeah. Busy all around.

That's it for now. I guess I had more to say than I thought.

UPDATE: There's a third thing that was a big deal this week! We met Kam's best friend, Ethan, at the airport as he just got off of his mission in Oregon! They hadn't seen each other in about 4 years, so Kam was really excited. I was too, and also nervous because, obviously, Kam didn't have a wife the last time Ethan saw him. It was really fun, and even though I didn't know Ethan, really, I could tell how loved he was by his friends and family, and it touched me. It especially meant a lot to me to see Kam's face when he finally got to give Ethan a hug. Kam is one of the most loyal people I have ever met, and it shows. And I could tell Ethan knew it, too. I'm glad Kam's best friend is back and I'm excited to get to know him.

One of the funniest moments for me was after Ethan gave Kam a hug and turned to me and with a huge smile said (nearly shouted), "Who are you?" He then turned to another friend who had gotten married and had a baby (1 uped us, I guess), and Ethan shouted, "You have a son!" And everyone around him added, "And a wife!" Poor Ethan. All of us crazy women coming along and messing with things.

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