Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The last few weeks I've been focusing on putting myself back together.  I haven't been posting much because it's just been so messy. One minute I feel like things are looking up, and the next I find myself thinking everything is just so hard, how can I ever put this back together? I'm constantly on a roller coaster of emotions. But the facts say things are looking up.

After over three weeks of searching--and navigating the healthcare system--I finally have an appointment with a therapist. I also got a call back about the volunteer position at the hospital. Turns out they misfiled my paperwork from the interview. I go in for a drug screening tomorrow and training on Monday. I've also joined two facebook groups for women like me--one for local women who have also lost babies, and another for mothers without living children who are trying to get pregnant after loss (very specific, I know). Both have helped me realize just how not-that-crazy-after-all I am.

I feel pretty okay right now. And okay is good. I feel like I'm actually doing something to help myself get better, and I'm proud of myself for that.

Here's to feeling okay.

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