Saturday, May 2, 2015

Thoughts on Blessings and Marriage

I realized today that losing Liam is a trial, but having him at all is a blessing. I don't believe there's any other version of the future where Liam would be born healthy in September like we planned. The trial and the blessing had to go together, and it's up to me to decide which I want to focus on more.

I also realized today that that trial and that blessing were picked especially for us. Kam and I have always wanted and worked hard to have a strong marriage. That was a priority to each of us before we even knew it would be with each other. I believe this experience is a testimony to us that we are doing a good job there. Though this trial has been painful, it hasn't harmed our marriage. In fact, it's made us stronger and closer. I believe this was the gravity of a trial that our marriage needed to be tested with, and to know God trusted us with something this huge is a privilege. But even more, I believe we were blessed to be chosen as Liam's family because we were ready to love him and parent him in our own way. That's an even greater privilege.

I saw an article today that I had shared on Facebook two years ago, shortly after we got married, that gave 3 points of advice surrounding marriage. The last was essentially, "The most important thing you can do as a parent is to love your spouse." Comforting words to someone looking for ways to parent beyond the veil. But also a reassurance that Kam and I are doing something right. That we were blessed with Liam because we're good parents, and not that he was taken away because we wouldn't have been.

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