Thursday, May 14, 2015

Update on My Status

The past couple of days of work have been a lot easier. Nothing big has changed, but I have started working on an exciting project and it's distracted me a bit. At first that bothered me a little. I felt like I shouldn't be distracted from Liam--that I should be thinking about him all the time. But it was also so nice to feel productive at work again. So here is my solution to that.

Those are Liam's feet. They're right next to my computer screen. It seems like a silly thing, but I feel like I can focus and be productive and actually enjoy working again without ever forgetting about Liam. So far I've had no comments about the picture except from my one good friend who knew I was bringing it in. But I kind of sit in a back corner, so I honestly don't think anyone has noticed yet. I'm actually okay with that. I'm okay with people asking, too. I just feel generally okay right now.

Just wanted to update since my last post was a little doom and gloom.

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