Saturday, January 26, 2013

15th Result

We're getting famous, you guys! Or at least, I feel pretty famous. Ready for a long story?

K, go.

So, today Kam and I decided to swing by Target to look at curtains. It's something I've been talking about for a little while now, so Kam's jumped on board. But we ended up deciding we needed to do a little more planning before we could buy anything. Because there are a few drawbacks to Wymount apartments. And specifically (in this case) the window.

This isn't our window, but it is a Wymount window. So you can sorta see the problem. Only this is only one half of it. Pretend you can tell it just goes on and on and on in << that direction.

a. You can't nail, drill, or screw anything into the wall.
b. There are really ugly blinds installed inside the edges of the window (so you can't hang curtains on a tension rod to cover them up).
c. The window is very wide on the wall but not very tall. so it would take at least three (Can you even do three? Is that allowed?) window panels to cover the window (we think).

And window panels are sold in sets of one! Doesn't everyone know you want two window panels?! What a rip off!

So we decided to go back home and take some measurements (Bleh). We're hoping we're going to be able to hang a regular curtain rod with command hook tape. But, unfortunately, no curtains as of yet.

By this time you're probably asking yourself, "What does this have to do with you being famous?" I'm getting there.

I'm at work. And I work at the BYU library. Which is the best job ever. but even at the best job ever, you sometimes get bored. So I started browsing through my Relief Society sisters' blogs, because we all live in Wymount apartments together. Maybe one of them has come up with some super creative and cute ways to decorate her Wymount apartment. Like, how to hang curtains. But at least from my shallow browsing, I came up dry. :(

So I thought, Google's my friend. Maybe Google knows. I searched for "decorating in Wymount" because, you know, there's a wikihow on everything these days, right? But still. No luck. I found the Wymount decorating policies, a few blogs that allll said something along the lines of "I'm so glad we moved out of Wymount, because now I can decorate!" and then....

Guess what the 15th result on that search is? (at least when I search. I know google's search engine is a little more complex than it used to be)

My blog!

So, we're famous. Yep. And I think I've probably used the words decorating and Wymount enough times now to perhaps boost us up one more slot in those search results.

That was my first conclusion. My second conclusion was that I'm trying to do something that's never been done before! (Ok, I know that's not true. A lot of people have cute Wymount apartments. But if you don't document it and put it on google, it doesn't count, right? Because google knows everything. Right?) And everyone that knows me well knows I do not consider myself a decorator. At all. So this is quite the challenge! But Google-searching Wymountians everywhere are depending on me. Think of what I'm doing for future generations of prospective Wymountians! So consider this the first post of many to come on how to decorate those "awful" Wymount apartments. Challenge accepted.


  1. So I'm in your ward and no joke I did the exact same thing you did (googled decorating in wymount) and your blog came up! Hahaha! Hope things work out with the windows!!!

  2. Update! Thanks to everyone's page views we are officially now the 7th result on the google search! Ha ha. Whoohoo! First page status!

    And that's awesome, Jessica! Thanks for searching that, because I'm sure you helped my cause! Ha ha.