Saturday, January 19, 2013

We've Done What for How Long Now?

So, on Tuesday, the 15th, Kam and I celebrated our monthiversary. (I know. Dorky. I love it.) Which got me thinking. We've been married for how long now? 34 days now? (If I counted that wrong, it's because I can never figure out if you count the wedding day, or today, or whatever. Not because I can't remember.) That's freaking crazy! I remember when it was 49 days until we get married, and I thought to myself "That's less days than there are states in America!"

What this has taught me is that time goes by way faster than you think it does, and I should never ever be impatient for anything ever again ever. Right?

Side note--I'm getting a new laptop on Monday, and I can't wait!

Obviously not going to work.

But it is amazing to realize how time just keeps moving, no matter what you're doing. It's kind of an inspiration to really make things happen, because you don't want to waste time, and at the same time, it inspires you to enjoy all the little things you're doing right now.

Because you never know when it's going to change. I mean, I never knew the guy I asked out to the movies with me was going to turn out to be a hot comic book reading stud who would eventually ask me to marry him. Case. In. Point.

And then on top of all that, it makes me think of where we're going to be 2, 5, 10 years from now. And how that's going to fly by so soon, we're practically doing it right now! And that's a pretty optimistic thought, because things right now are pretty awesome!

So basically, all of this crazy introspective babbling comes down to two points.

Kam and I are super happy and awesome.
Kam and I get to keep being super happy and awesome. Forever.

(I know you're not always happy, and things aren't always good. But if time keeps moving all the time, those things are eventually over, too. (I'm sure that's what Kam tells himself whenever I'm having a mini panic attack. He is much more patient than I am.) And you eventually always come back to being super happy and awesome. If you want to be.)


So, to those of you who missed this on Facebook, here are a couple pictures of what our monthiversary consisted of:

So, this is what I did for Kam. (He had been hinting at those movies for a while (Yes, I called them those movies.).)

And then Kam made me dinner! And I should have taken a picture of that delicious pizza soup, but I didn't. I just ate it instead. Because that's what you're actually supposed to do with food.

I still have more to say, but that is a sufficiently long blog post for now. But look for the pizza soup recipe in the future! I know some of you have been asking!

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