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The Chronicles of Matridom Part 2

The Chronicles of Matridom
Part 2 - Moving In

Note: I've been wanting to blog multiple times this week, but I kept thinking, but I need to follow up on my Chronicles of Matridom! And I don't have time for a post like that... So you may see an intermission coming up shortly. Also, to anyone wondering when the wedding supplement of these chronicles is going to present itself, the last of the pictures will be ready sometime around the end of this month.

A lot of you have been asking about pictures of our new apartment. To all of you, "This is your day!" (Read that in the voice of a Shakespearean announcer, or something cool like that.)

Kam had to drive across Wyoming in a 16' moving truck so we could bring some furniture and presents back with us from my parents' house in Colorado. Unfortunately, I didn't have a driver's license (that story is pretty complicated), so I couldn't be any help! Kam told someone recently (and I was there to hear about it) about how bad the roads were when the sun was setting, and he said, "I didn't want to wake Chloe up because I knew it'd freak her out. It was like we were driving on clouds!" (I'm sure he didn't mean that in a good way.) That's right. My sweet husband drove through windy, snowy Wyoming, and what did I do? I fell asleep. During the parts I was awake, though, (which was most of it, I think... hope...) I did get a couple good quotes.

Me: "At least we're not pioneers. This is way better than being pioneers."

I started screaming in a parking lot in Wyoming because it was so cold just to walk back out to the truck.
Kam: "Never mind my wife. She's just crazy."
Me: "Waaaahhh!!! If you scream it gets warmer!"

After that long adventure, (A huge thanks to Laurie for housing us that night. I was seriously starting to get nervous about Kam's ability to stay awake at the wheel. I had a whole emergency what-I-would-do-if-Kam-fell-asleep routine planned out in my head.) we finally began moving in. Which took days and days and days (and is still taking days and days). Kam and I both kept thinking of the quote from The Incredibles, "Today, we are officially moved in! Ha ha ha ha!" I look forward to celebrating that day. (Another huge thanks to Gordon and Peter and all the friends he rounded up to help us carry our furniture into the apartment. I didn't have to feel bad about not being able to lift anything. :) "I can't. I can't lift anything up at all.")

So, (drumroll please!) here are the pictures of our new apartment!

We just got our fancy new bedspread. 

Kam looks so good reading his scriptures while I walk around taking pictures. 

Got to love cinder block walls. (The tv is a lot more interesting to look at, though!)

Notice the gas stove. Whoohoo!

Not a pretty picture, but hopefully this gives you a little more perspective.

Ok, I know it's super weird that I took a picture of our bathroom. But look how cute it is!

We even have towels with our initials on them like we're fancy people! (And a sconce on the wall, which makes me feel really pampered, even though we can't light the candles. You can't see it in any of the pictures, but I wasn't going to put three pictures of my bathroom online. That would just be silly.)

So, there it is! A peek into our humble abode. There's still work to be done. I never thought I liked decorating until I got married and all of the sudden I care about stuff! As of right now I would really like to creatively hang some curtains (we can't use nails/screws) and paint something big we can hang on that mostly bare wall in the living room. And Kam would really like to get a nice entertainment center. So stay posted. 

And here are a few more fantastic tidbits after our first few days of moving in. 

Something you have to understand about this story is that about a month into our relationship, I decided it would be cute if I blew in Kam's face. This turned into a sort of war that's gone on ever since. It's become so habitual, I sometimes have to catch myself just before I accidentally do it to one of my girl friends. (I think Brenna experienced that once.) So, our first day in our new ward, someone's cute little kid leans over the bench in front of us and is babbling/making faces/being cute. And then out of the corner of my eye, I see the little boy wrinkling his nose and Kam laughing.
Me: "You can't just blow on other people's kid's faces!"

After a long day, Kam and I were sitting together on the couch, and I guess I started to drift off, because the next thing I knew I was sitting up saying to Kam, "I had a dream I was a present, and you were shaking me to find out what was in me." True story. I don't really remember much more than that.

When I told Kam to cuddle with me, and he said he was because his arm was around me, I said, "That's more like a protection so I don't cuddle you to death. Since I'm so huge and powerful."

Kam: "Have you seen my wife? She's the one in the koala hat."

Kam and I whispering to each other at church this morning:
Kam, pointing at a baby blanket: "According to that blanket, only giraffes, elephants, and crocodiles were on the ark."
Me: "Maybe those are just the big animals you can see, and all the other ones are really little and you can't see them in the boat."
Kam: "I don't think so."
Me: "And then when they get off the ark later they grow up to be bigger."
Kam: "Like, 'Just add water?'"
Me: "Yeah, that'd work! There's plenty of it!"
Kam: "They open the doors to the ark and it's just like, pop, pop, pop!"
I'm pretty sure I was less reverent than every child in that room after Kam started making popping noises. Then anytime he did that for the rest of the meeting I had to cover my face and put my head down.

So, pretty much, we're the coolest couple ever. Today we watched Matilda. Yep.... That's all I have to say about that.

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