Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to spoil your wife.

This all started on Thursday when I said, "I know we talked about making salmon for dinner, but I really want Bombay House tonight." So we went to Bombay House. Now I feel completely spoiled and it hasn't even been a week yet.

Take her on a date like this: Let her play with the new laptop for four hours and excuse her when she realizes she forgot all about dinner. Then take her to Winger's where she'll eat everything covered in the sauce you don't like. And forgive her again when she falls asleep during the movie you spent all night picking out together.

Saturday: Send her an email like this while she's at work:


It's so weird, but the kitchen looks...different. Can you see it?


Sunday: When she complains about wanting barbecue chicken and chocolate cake right now in front of your home teaching companion, just laugh and say, "Ok," and look for that leftover chicken "right now."

Monday: Make her steak for dinner because she "just wants to bite into it and rip it up with [her] teeth." And then, on top of all that, buy her a cupcake and watch a movie with Hugh Jackman in it.

Is this real life?

Seriously, have I done anything all week? I'm starting to wonder. I'd better go clean something.

(Note: If you think you're starting to notice a particular pattern, it's not what you think. Trust me.)

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