Monday, January 21, 2013

The Chronicles of Matridom Part 3

It's what you've all been waiting for...

The Chronicles of Matridom
Part 3 - The Wedding

To all of you who missed our wedding (or any of you who were in attendance but not entirely present (Me!)thanks to my wonderful photographer, Marie Long (We're on her blog! We're famous!), you can all enjoy the evening vicariously through her camera. Let us begin!

I showed this picture to Kam and he said, "Oh, I guess I should have thought of that when I did that."

I told him I liked it.

I love this picture of two of my boys.

Thanks for standing out in the cold with us, everyone!

I asked Kam if he wanted to take my engagement ring off first, and he was just like, "Nope." Ha ha.

Every time I see this picture I think, "Score!"

I didn't realize how beautiful the cake and all the decorations were until I saw these pictures! I was so busy all night, I missed it!

Savannah got all dressed up for our wedding! We could barely recognize her, but she looks great!

TJ quoted a very sweet poem that was originally included in his parents' service. (Tari and Jim are very good friends of ours, so that meant a lot to us.)

Tianna hardly ever cries. I, on the other hand... Well.

We didn't get a picture of my dad in time. But his toast was very short and sweet.

"Hi, my name's Chloe... I'm the bride..."

I remember a lot of really great toasts. Kam was really sweet and surprised me by having everyone toast to "my awesomeness."

I remember walking over to the cake and Kam and I whispering to each other, "What do you think? Want to stick it in each other's faces or not? I dunno, what do you think? I dunno, I was kind of thinking not. Ok, let's do that."

Our song was "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole.

Kam surprised me and sang me a song. It was "Sweet Pea" by Amos Lee. He and I were listening to it in my favorite cupcake shop when he decided he wanted to surprise me on our wedding day.

I wish we had more pictures of this, because this made for one of the funniest stories from the reception. In between verses, he came over to me and took my hand and wanted to dance with me. I was so excited/surprised/in love with my husband that I just started kissing him, and after a minute he had to tell me to wait so he could finish the song.

One thing I told Kam long before we started planning our wedding was that I wanted there to be lots of dancing.

When we first saw Gangnam Style, I dared Kam to learn the dance and do it at our wedding. He was happy to take me up on that.

I had told my bridesmaids to stack the bouquet throw in favor of one friend of ours. Obviously, I forgot to tell my sisters about that plan. (Celia here is only 13 years old. Little early, I'd say. :) )

One of my favorite awkward memories from the evening was Kam and I sneaking up to the 5th floor girl's bathroom, so he could help me put my garter on. I had two, so it took a minute for us to decide which one to use. "I don't know what to do with it. I've never done this before..."

Kam kept surprising me with his victory poses. :)

I remember being a little bit worried someone was going to set me on fire. But now that I'm looking at these pictures, I kind of wish I'd gotten to play with one! But not really that much. We were ready to go.

So, that was our beautiful wedding day! Absolutely everything went according to plan and there were no stresses or problems whatsoever! (Ha ha. Not.) But when I look back on it, that's how I feel about it. So maybe someday I'll tell those funny stories (which I'm actually glad happened, because I love funny stories!), but really everything did go according to plan, because we love each other, and we were sealed in the temple under God, never to be put asunder, and now we're living happily ever after. :)

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